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2014 Indie Game Maker Contest Entry Page

This Game was Made in only one month.

Kaleid into a new level of hardcore twin-stick shooting action! Dodge hordes of relentless enemies or they will destroy your kaleidoscopic armor and expose your core!

Hardcore twin stick action with the best kind of goal… a High Score.
Kill the Flashing enemy to warp to a new level with new enemies.
Levels will get harder the longer you stay within them.
Game gets harder overall with your score.

Gamepad heavily recommended

Controls :
Keyboard and Mouse-
WASD to  move
Click to fire
Esc to pause
Gamepad(x-input only)-
Left stick to move and navigate menus)
Right Stick to fire
Start button to pause.
A button to select menu buttons

Credits :
Design and Programming:
Nathan Kevilus
David Kennedy

Trinity Holsworth

Darkwoods II by Ivan Chew
Kodamooya(long version) by Gnagno
Drive by AlexBeroza

All music is licensed under Creative Commons Attributed 3.0 Unported

8-bit wonder font by Joiro Hatgaya

Built using Unity3D